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Wyvern Riding Club Competitions

Wyvern Members & Friends Shows / Competitions

These shows are open to Wyvern members are friends. They are small, quiet shows held during the summer to encourage inexperienced combinations to have a go at competing in a supportive environment. Dressage tests used are Walk and Trot and Prelim Level and Jumping is at 30-70cm height range. Test are outdoor on a surface with warm up on grass.

Below is a list of events organised by Wyvern Riding Club for our members, and their friends. Most involve the horses but some are non horsey events!!!

Dates of Wyvern Competitions

Date Event Location Attachment

For Further Information please contact

Wyvern Members & Friends Shows Judith Cox

Wyvern Winter Dressage Series

These shows are held on Tuesdays once a month from October to March. They offer a progression from Walk and Trot tests, through Prelim to Novice level. Open to members and non-members these shows will suit everyone from beginners up to those ready for affiliated competition. Support is available for those attending on their own and test calling is available. Tests are held indoor and outdoor on a surface.

Wyvern Riding Club Unaffiliated Dressage Series held at Gracelands Equestrian Centre, WR9 OBE
Open Senior Dressage (for competitors 18 years and over)


Date Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Attachment
Tuesday 12th October 2021 Intro A (2008) Intro B (2009) P7 (2002) PYO: P18, N24, E42 View
Tuesday 9th November 2021 Intro B (2009) Intro C (2016) P2 (2016) PYO: P48, N27, E42 View
Tuesday 7th December 2021 Intro C (2016) Intro A (2008) P1 (2006) PYO: P13, N30, E42 View
Tuesday 18th January 2022 Intro A (2008) Intro B (2009) P7 (2002) PYO: P12, N27, E44 View
Tuesday 15th February 2022 Intro B (2009) Intro C (2016) P12 (2006) PYO: P14, N28, E44 View
Tuesday 15th March 2022 Intro C (2016) Intro A (2008) P14 (2006) PYO: P18, N34, E44 View

For Further Information please contact

Wyvern Winter Dressage Series Liz Every

Mercian Competitions

Mercian events are held in all Riding Club disciplines at a lower level than Area or Affiliated Competition. They are great fun and really friendly competitions suitable for members who are keen to go out and compete as part of a team. Dressage tests start with walk and trot and go up to novice, jumping heights start at 70cm (2’ 3”). Eligibility for these competitions can be checked on our website and we publish schedules for each event with details as soon as we have them. Competitions are held mainly outdoor on grass.

Rules and Eligibility

If you belong to more than one Mercian-affiliated club, you can compete for which ever club you choose but only for one club per day.

The various competition disciplines have rules of eligibility for horses. These are amended almost every year so please check out the competitions in which you and your horse are qualified to take part so that you will have a ready response when contact and nagged into competing!

Mercian Rules

Mercian Competition Dates

Date Event Location Attachment
Saturday 30th April 2022 Mercian Dressage (Arena) Allens Hill, Pinvin, WR10 2DU
Sunday 15th May 2022 Mercian Show Jumping Hoden Lane, Cleeve Prior
Sunday 3rd July 2022 Mercian Style & Show Jumping Peterstow, Herefordshire HR9 6LL
Sunday 17th July 2022 Mercian Dressage (Grass) Frampton Court Estate, Frampton-on-Severn, Glos GL2 7HS
Monday 8th August 2022 Mercian Combined Training (Arena) Gracelands EC, Crutch Lane, Elmbridge, Droitwich WR9 0BE
Sunday 18th September 2022 Mercian Arena Eventing Gracelands EC, Crutch Lane, Elmbridge, Droitwich WR9 0BE
Friday 28th October 2022 Mercian Quiz The Fountain, Oldwood Rd, Tenbury Wells, WR15 8TB

For Further Information please contact

Mercian Teams Laura Pitt

Area Competitions - BRC Area 18

The level is for more confident and established combinations and may be entered by individuals and teams. Entries have to be sent to Riding Club Head Office, three weeks in advance of each competition and at this point the club pay a non-refundable fee for each entry. This can be as much as £20 per competitor and is in addition to the entry fee that the member pays to the organising club. This can be a large expense to the club. All area competitions are qualifiers for championships. Members need to ensure they are available to go to the championships before they put their name down for the qualifiers. Horses must be up to date with their flu vaccinations. These are checked prioer to each competition and if there is a gap you will not be allowed to compete. Dressage tests start with prelim and go up to medium, jumping heights start at 75cm (2' 6"). Eligibility for these competitions can also be checked on our website and we publish schedules for each new event with details as soon as we have them. Competitions are both indoor and outdoor on a surface or grass.

Flu Vaccinations

Any horse competing in Area teams must have a current & valid flu certificate. There is now an Area database on which details of these can be held, which should solve a lot of problems. Anyone who might compete in an Area team can have their flu certificate details entered on the datebase and just have the entry updated when the horse is vaccinated.

The sooner these are sent the better - either by scanning and emailing, or photocopy and post. If you send them to Judith or Louisa they will forward them on and, that way, when they do Area entries they will know whose certificates are already recorded.

It would be really helpful if you could do this NOW!

Please find below the preliminary dates for the Area events for this season.
We will update this page with more information as soon as we get it.

Area Competition Dates

Date Event Location Attachment

For Further Information please contact

Area Teams Louisa Woodhouse

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